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A South African community prides itself with wealth of cultural diversity which when its roots can be uprooted will raise the banner to fly high up the African continent. In as much as South African cultural heritage has been captured and embraced in various forms ranging from arts, culture and sport, it seems that a surface has just been scraped, leaving much to be done to dig deep into the roots of the literature for the benefit of the next generations to come.

Mosala-MASEDI is a 100% black owned Publisher and Bookseller, whose core focus is promoting the multicultural diversity of South Africa’s heritage through literature. Having started writing literature in 2001, the author who is also a co-founder of Mosala-MASEDI continues to passionately capture and preserve South African’s cultural heritage mostly in his books. 

In addition to literature writing, Mosala-MASEDI provides the following services: 
•    Translation of literature in the South African official languages as per identified needs, 
•    Proof-reading of literature and related material, 
•    Editing services,
•    Books sales and Distribution Services and, 
•    Publishing. 
Reach Greater Heights of Literature.  

Mosala-MASEDI is committed to literature writing of the finest quality content in the form of Short stories, Novels, Comedy, Dramas, Folk-lores, Poetry, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, An anthology of sermons, to name but a few, and, Posters (Learning Aids).

Raise awareness of African culture and tradition. Awareness covers correct use of language such as; grammar, relevant vocabulary, beliefs, taboos and rituals related to South African communities. 


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